Friday, April 8, 2011

Individual #3

To describe Emmy as mainstream and conventional is far from correct or perhaps, even a fallacy. Her non-conformist style and individualistic fashion sense transpires through her Tumblr and the music she listens to. Attributed to her distinct preference on music, she met a group of people on From there, she contributed her writings in killedincars and junkmedia. Perhaps it’s a no brainer that her taste in music reflects her unique interpretation of fashion. Besides that, she was lucky to spend some time with Hana Tajima, the designer of Maysaa

Personal Info
Name: Emmy Zuraihan
Age: Just recently entered the '3G' phase
Occupation: Para Legal- Industrial Relations Specialist
Describe yourself in one sentence: OCD3- dark, doom, dyslexic
3 of your favourite designers: Damir Doma, Erkan Coruh, Helmut Lang

Item 1
Name: Cheap Monday High-waited Jeans (glittered grey).
The Story: It creats the 80's glam look.

Item 2
Name: Gaga Inspired Booties.
The story: Always a great staple to have in closet and to heighten sophistication and the edgy look in my outfit.

Item 3
Name: Naf Naf Black Shawl.
The story: Nothing can go wrong with a black shawl for dark moody days.

Item 4
Name: Purple Dr. Martens.
The story: When I'm in the mood to add some colour in my outfit. Plus, purple is my favourite colour.

Item 5
Name: Complex Geometries White Tee S/S 10.
The story: It's a basic classic colour and easy to match with any outfit. I like to create the laid-back and layered look for lazy days.

Item 6
Name: Complex Geometries Black Tee S/S 09.
The story: As complex as it sounds, you can think of new style everytime you wear this t-shirt. Love the drape effects of it and I like to wear it to gigs.


  1. Salam Emmy Zuraihan,

    My name is Sumayyah and I am a masters student from Scotland doing research on fashion blogging among young Muslim women in Malaysia. I find your work super interesting and I would like to talk about your work in my research. Could you contact me asap so I could explain more of what I do. Thanks. My email is Looking foward to hear from you sister.

    Best regards,

  2. Wsalam Sumayyah.

    Sorry I didn't notice this comment earlier! I will email you shortly. :)

  3. Look at their shoes ! oh my god. nice stuff.