Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's get to know: LITTTER SF


We from The Unfolded are constantly driven to find new interesting individuals who are bold enough to believe in their dreams and actually living in it.  Rae and Mackenzie are examples of people who we would like to be stucked with at the same dinner table. These 2 amazing sisters blew our mind by the fact that they’re making jewelleries out of tools given from their grandma- the woman who is responsible for flourishing them with the knowledge on how to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that everyone is excited to put on.  These sisters are the co-founders of Litter SF which became and international hit in only few months. The pieces of jewellery that they create are not the normal kind. The pieces are made to accessorize different unusual parts of the body that many of us never thought of, such as the legs, shoulder, elbows- unconventional ways of wearing jewelleries but they made it work. Apart from that, they produce pieces to accessorize the shoes, ties, collars and to-die-for head gears. Their jewelleries are not only made for women, they also make pieces for men. Overall, their line offers accessories for those who love to look edgy, different and a bit rustic- nothing like Tiffany’s but will still be envied by many.

What fascinates us is that their jewelleries are made from chains and other metal parts that are found in thrift shops and flea markets. You know someone is a genius if they can change something that people “throw away” to gold-making hits and most talked about pieces by fashion magazines.  Judging by the line, it’s obvious that these 2 sisters are though cookies and won't take no for an answer and are constantly working day and night to put together Litter SF. We all know that to build an empire online and to go global in a very short period is not easy it takes a bucket full of courage! You can buy their stuff online and also be inspired by their own personal blog- which literally feels like running through their personal mood board. COVET!